Why Accountants Like a BBC Bookkeeper

Being an accountant for a medical or health practice can be especially challenging because of the added reporting requirements that may be requested.  As BBC Consulting is a medical or health practice bookkeeping specialist you can be confident we will deliver your client’s financial records to you in a form that generalist bookkeepers can’t.

  • Less time error checking

    We deliver to you a clean set of financial records which means you don’t have to spend valuable time checking and correcting errors.

  • Value for Money

    Because you’re not spending your time fixing the financial records you can provide your client’s financials at great value for money and lock them in as longer term clients.

  • Clean Accounts

    We have deep understanding of accountant’s requirements so we can hand over clean and up to date accounts at any time of the year.

  • The way you like it

    We liaise with our client’s accountant to ensure accounts are kept just the way they like.

  • Always Aligned

    We ensure accounts are aligned with the accountant’s records for end of quarter and/or end of year reporting.

  • Ready to Report Anytime

    No matter what time of year your client comes to you for assistance you’ll know the accounts are up to date.