MYOB consultant

How we can help you

Bridget Madden has been an MYOB Consultant for more than 10 years. 

She brings with her to the business a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of MYOB required for a medical and health professional MYOB file. 

This allows BBC to set up and maintain client MYOB files to a high standard ensuring that the accounts are run smoothly and reports are accurate and timely.

Bridget is also able to quickly and efficiently locate problems within the MYOB file and correct them so that accuracy is maintained.

MYOB Certified Consultant

Keep the tax office happy

We make sure your reporting and payment commitments to the ATO are on schedule. We also ensure accuracy and timeliness in meeting your obligations for superannuation, payroll tax and workcover.

Keep everyone paid correctly

We make sure your practitioners, staff and suppliers are paid accurately and on time. This is essential to the effective operation of your practice, giving you a trouble-free day that allows you to focus on your patients well-being and growing your practice.