BAS agent services


Quarterly BAS & IAS Preparation and lodgement to ATO.

Integrated Accountant

Make sure your GST and Tax obligations to the ATO are on schedule.

ATO liason

If there is a need to discuss any matters with the ATO we can do this on your behalf.


All employee super is accurate, paid on time and complies with ATO requirements.

Payroll tax

Ensure you comply with Payroll Tax lodgements and payments.


Ensure you comply with Workcover lodgments and payments made.

GST & payroll reconciliations

Make sure all your GST and payroll transactions reconcile.

Internal loan account reconciliations

Ensure all the loan accounts in your practice are allocated correctly in all your records.

End of year reconciliations

Reconciliations to make it simpler and cheaper for your accountant to prepare your Annual Reports.

Bank & credit card reconciliations

We make sure your financial records match what’s in the bank.

Keep the tax office happy

We make sure your reporting and payment commitments to the ATO are on schedule. We also ensure accuracy and timeliness in meeting your obligations for superannuation, payroll tax and workcover.

Keep everyone paid correctly

We make sure your practitioners, staff and suppliers are paid accurately and on time. This is essential to the effective operation of your practice, giving you a trouble-free day that allows you to focus on your patients well-being and growing your practice.