Why Practitioners Like a BBC Bookkeeper

BBC bookkeepers allow everyone in your practice to focus on what they do best.  Instead of dealing with distracting “side issues” you get to treat patients, your practice manager gets to keep the practice running smoothly and we make sure your financial management runs like clockwork.

  • Reduce Compliance Risks

    Government rules are constantly changing. The cost of getting it wrong can be very high.

  • Longer to Pay BAS

    Because we’re BAS agents you have extended time for us to lodge and you to pay your BAS each quarter.

  • Avoid Fines

    There are many fines that can result from inadequate bookkeeping. A BBC Bookkeeper is focused on accuracy and meeting all the reporting and payment deadlines.

  • Learn from Industry Experience

    With our experience across many practices we can potentially advise on expense items which are out of line with others in the industry.

  • Reduce Overheads

    Because BAS, payroll and bookkeeping are our core expertise we can do your books in less time than a practice manager who has other things to do.

  • Reduced Accounting Fees

    With an accurate set of books at the end of the financial year, or each financial quarter, your accountant will spend less time on your financials. That’s less cost and hassle for you.

  • Grow Your Practice

    The expense of engaging a BBC Bookkeeper will be more than repaid by releasing your Practice Manager’s time to work on growing your practice. A BBC Bookkeeper will also work alongside your Practice Manager providing the necessary reports to help in increasing growth.

  • Transparency

    We report on all tasks we do for your practice. This means you and your practice manager will be in control and you will know exactly what you’re paying for.

  • Build trust

    With your practice manager teaming up with a BBC Bookkeeper you’ll have two sets of eyes on the accounts so you’ll build trust with everyone in the practice that everything is under control.